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Rivals Prepare for Weekend Showdown

Hornets & Panthers practice for season-ending game!

Inspiration Net

Catch the flash moments and thoughts…

Sacrament of Receiving

Any gift another gives us should be viewed with such reverence.


Authority is simply the fruit of a person’s life.


We will do well to guard our hearts with all diligence

Pray for the Persecuted

Live out your faith with eyes open.


There is nothing new under the sun.

Keeping Love Alive – Love You / Like You

How do you spell “LOVE” with a “T?”

It’s Like A Net

The Kingdom of God is extremely attractive to a great number of types of persons.

The Catalysts

All of it happened because there were people who received a message from God and acted upon it.

Learning & Teaching

Pedagogue or teacher means one who walks beside.

Baby Boomers: Retire or Refire?

From unemployment, to training, to a new job – experience works!

Heed the Health Call!

Fight toxic hunger and with lifestyle changes!

The Praise of Men!

Do not touch the glory.

Seek and Knock

Turn away from the influence of self-achievement.


We cannot receive the new unless we let go of the old.

Apple A Day – Don’t Drink Your Calories!

It’s the season of sugar – be careful!


We are not able to love unless we can see ourselves as flawed first.

Walk in the Light

We are to be in the light as He is.

Lover of God… Servant of God…

One blesses the other and both bless us

Trail Challenge at Ives Run

Hit the autumn ground running with the trail run challenge at Ives Run!

The Holy Spirit and Early Church

They did not set out to entice. They just responded to God’s Spirit.

This Social Minefield

Most moderns recoil from anything which resembles conviction.

Forgive Your Perceived Offenders

Keep your trust in Christ even when others have failed you.


Are you growing or just staying pretty much the same?

Approaching God

Love calls out to love and we can bring this father nothing but love and devotion.

Take A Gift!

Make your gift something memorable and from the heart.

His Way is Better

When we push, a reaction takes place that is invariably larger than what we expected.

Not All Talk

Don’t be overtaken by spiritual schizophrenia.

Good News for Cancer Patients!

Susquehanna Health opens new local Cancer Center!

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