A Spinning Family

Fitness, family and fun with Mountain Life Cycling Studio

by Kristine Worthington – October 11, 2017

Are you missing out on an amazing fitness program that has proven itself to be life changing? What would a life changing fitness program need to provide? The answer would certainly include these three critical fitness elements: produces results, provides motivation, and respects that we all have limited amounts of time. If the fitness program included bonus features like inspiring music, fun challenges, and a supporting team environment that respected individual goals that would make it even better. Does such a fitness program exist? Well, Spinning at Mountain Life Cycling Studio has proven itself to inspire a passion for fitness and produce profound life changing results for its clients.

Shennee Rutt, who has been participating in Spinning classes for just over a year, reported the changes she has experienced in her body are “profound”. Specific changes Shennee has experienced included increased muscle strength, toning and an overall body transformation. She describes Spinning as a phenomenal form of exercise for everyone. She identified that one of the greatest things about Spinning is “that it is low impact, all age capable, and you can really make it your own ride.” Another long standing students at Mountain Life Cycling Studio, Frank Button, was inspired to give Spinning a try last November when the weather started to limit outside fitness. He shared, “That after a couple of Spinning classes he got addicted to it.”

You might worry that the experience of riding indoors on a stationary bike is limiting. Actually, the Spinning experience is profoundly freeing. While Spinning, there is no need to be vigilant about pot holes or other road dangers. Often students close their eyes during parts of a ride. With your eyes closed, your mind can go into the music or visualize an infinite variety of environmental settings: majestic mountains or blissful flats. Sue Webster, the director of Mountain Life Cycling, said that a strong “mindbody” connection is an additional benefit from closing the eyes while riding.

Sue Webster has 22 years of experience in the Spinning program, and all the instructors at Mountain Life Cycling are Spinning Certified. Spinning participants quickly learn that Sue, and the other instructors, have a powerfully energizing and encouraging manor that inspires students to safely push forward through a ride. Safe effective training is emphasized by prompts to monitor heart rate and other body messages. With the skilled guidance of the instructors each person in the class is riding to achieve their personal fitness goals while experiencing the support and energy of the riding group. Frank Button put it well when he stated that one of the secrets to success in spinning is to, “ride your own ride.” The resulting impression from the 45 to 60 minute training session is one of group supported individual success.

The Spinning program is suitable for men and women of all ages, all fitness levels, and it will produce results. You will be able to identify the positive impacts on our body’s shape, tone or size. Furthermore, the time commitment of 45 to 60 minutes is manageable. Finally, the Mountain Life Cycling Studio creates a fun, energizing environment that motivates students to keep participating. For those of you who argue exercise and fun don’t belong in the same sentence, maybe you haven’t tried the right exercise.

Mountain Life Cycling Studio is located on the 3rd floor of the “Dean” Center.
Learn more about Spinning and Mountain Life Cycling Studio by visiting their web site. The informative web site has a valuable FAQ section and a link to sign up for a Spinning class. Introductory Spinning classes, for first time riders, are offered on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month. October 21st is the upcoming Introductory class. For additional questions contact Sue Webster 1 (267) 446-4452.

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