Laurel Behavioral Health – Self-Esteem

Tyler encourages us to face our “shoulds” with these tips

by Amiee Jones – May 24, 2018

Behavioral Health is a very relatable branch of professional counseling that addresses how choices and behaviors affect overall health and wellness. A problematic behavior may be attached to deeper sources, which causes behavioral and mental therapy to go hand-in-hand. The Laurel Health System offers a local resource for these topics. Laurel Behavioral Health Outpatient Counseling, located on West Avenue in Wellsboro, addresses issues ranging from addiction to trauma, and much more.

Tyler Benelli, a licensed Clinical Social Worker at Laurel Behavioral Health Outpatient, spoke with Homepage Correspondent, Sara Vogt, on the topic of “Self-Esteem”. This is a subject that we all evaluate, deal with, and relate with! “Self-esteem is really how worthwhile, or how valuable, we feel as a person,” shared Tyler. He continued to explain that our thought life carries the power to determine the quality of our self-esteem. Focusing on negativity within life’s situations, particularly dwelling on demeaning thoughts, will chip away at our sense of worth.

Conversely, dealing with setbacks and disappointments with grace and humility will keep one’s mindset in a positive place. One key aspect of achieving this goal is practicing vulnerability. Vulnerability adds value to our relationships because we can connect with others more genuinely. But, in addition, vulnerability helps us to be honest with ourselves. Truthful evaluation of our fears, expectations, and hopes will help achieve an understanding of whether we are being realistic or not. Tyler explained further, “Quite often the standards that we set for ourselves are way to high. So, we need to give ourselves permission to revisit those expectations, and maybe lower them.”

So, how do we begin to establish a positive thought-life and, consequently, self-esteem? Tyler advises to broaden the focus out from the negative attribute that is pulling focus, and try to look at the big picture.

“There’s often so many strengths that we have, or successes that we have, that we just sort of erase because we’ve had that one mess up,” He stated. “We’re so kind, often, to other people, and we cut them some slack, and we show them compassion and love. Why can’t we do that for ourselves?”

If you struggle with low self esteem or other behavioral health related issues, you can make an appointment with one of their counselors by calling 570-723-0620. For more information about Laurel Behavioral Health, visit their website here.

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Correspondent: Sara Vogt

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