Making Wind Chimes & Memories

These Home Page ladies visit Cottage Glassworks for Lauren’s birthday

by Heather Weiner – July 12, 2017

On a warm summer afternoon, a small group of aspiring artists gathers at Cottage Glassworks, located just outside of Wellsboro, with Artist/Owner Kathleen Schnell to celebrate a birthday, make memories and engage in the process of creating individual glass wind chimes.

Kathleen’s studio is nestled into scenery that is, itself, a work of art—a picturesque farmhouse, beds of perennial flowers, meandering stone walls and walkways, graceful silver maple trees, a vegetable garden, and a small flock of friendly chickens. A light breeze stirs the leaves of the trees and the music of the gleaming glass chime hanging just outside the door of the studio delights the ears.

Stepping inside the studio, which is at once rustic and contemporary, one is instantly at ease and aware of the creative process. On this day, Kathleen welcomes her student glass artists with a plate of homemade macaroons and warm conversation. Shelves lining the walls of the studio’s shop display a colorful selection of beautiful fused glass items that Kathleen has created.

To the right are two more rooms that serve as a classroom and workspace.

Outside the windows are glimpses of a bed of bright orange day lilies, the drooping shady branches of the maples, and hay fields stretching out towards the green, forested mountains of canyon country.

As the student-artists settle themselves around the worktable in the center of the room, Kathleen discusses the project, the types of glass and the tools they will use, how to safely cut and break the glass, general artistic considerations related to the project, and safety equipment.

Throughout the room are containers of colorful, gleaming glass that will serve as material options for the artists.

The chimes that Sara, Lauren and Julianna create consist of five pieces. The process includes cutting the glass strips that will form the base of each piece; choosing colors and developing the design; putting each piece together; and gluing the hand-pulled glass, colorful beads and various components onto the base. Once assembled and dry, they will go into a kiln where they will remain for approximately five hours, reaching a top temperature 1450 degrees. When the firing has been completed the chimes will be assembled and ready to hang in a breezy location where they can be enjoyed with both the ears and the eyes.

For more information, visit, call 570.948.9007, or visit the Cottage Glassworks Facebook.

(Above: Julianna’s Wind Chime)

(Above: Lauren’s Wind Chime)

(Above: Sara’s Wind Chime)

Idea/Concept: Sara Vogt
Videography: Andrew Moore
Video Editing: Andrew Moore
Writing: Heather Weiner
Anchor: Sara Vogt
Correspondent: Lauren Gooch, Sara Vogt, Julianna Vogt
Host: Kathleen Schnell

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