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by Home Page – January 20, 2018

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day Music!
Joining in song will be the Hamilton-Gibson Children’s Concert Choir, the Hamilton-Gibson Young Women and Young Men’s Choirs, the Wednesday Morning Musicales, the Wellsboro Women’s Chorus, the Wellsboro Men’s Chorus, the Miller Singers, the Wellsboro Area High School Dickens Choir, the Rock L. Butler Middle School Seventh and Eighth Grade Chorus, the First Presbyterian Church Choir of Wellsboro and the St. Peter’s Catholic Church Choir. The choral groups will sing four selections together, and each will also sing individual numbers.
Movin’ Together 2018 – Tyranny of the Urgent
Movement and laughter also increases Serotonin. When our children and grandchildren are playing and laughing and being silly – we should join in for a few moments and increase our GABA! Laughter is clinically proven to: Boost the immune system instantly reducing the levels of stress hormones such as cortisol, epinephrine (adrenaline) and dopamine. In deed laughter is good medicine! Setting time aside in our schedule to laugh and enjoy relationship, as well as, have calm and quiet time, is immensely important to our overall health balance.
Back to Basics: What Would Life Look Like If…
Think of how much more enjoyable life would be if those around you lived with your interests in mind. You can’t control how others live, but you can do your part! Take a step back and consider what you might do to look to the interests of others today. Be the one to forgive. Show grace to those who don’t deserve it. Be kind even if the kindness is not returned.
INCOMING: WinterFest 2018
Winter’s back in full swing and it’s the perfect time to STEP OUTDOORS! Bring the whole family to the 2018 Winterfest at Hills Creek State Park on Saturday January 20th. Activities, programs, and displays will be available from 10am to 3pm. There’s even lunch and hot chocolate!

Here’s the catch: It’s all FREE!

There’s something for all ages all day, so just stop by when you can or stay the whole day. From kids crafts to programs on eagles and the snowy owl to ice skating to cross country skiing. Equipment is available in reasonable quantities to enjoy throughout the day. Snow tubes will be on hand for the hill, but everyone should bring a sled to maximize the fun! Free hot dogs and hot chocolate mean that even lunch is free at Winterfest.
On the Radar – Card Skimmers
What is a card skimmer?
Card skimmers are devices that are placed over or inside of the machines that read the magnetic strip on your credit and debit cards – such as ATM’s and gas pumps.
Thieves place these devices on the machines in order to collect data from your credit/debit card. Once the information is collected, the thieves can clone your card, make online purchases with your card information, or sell your card information to other criminals. Typically, victims are not even aware of the incident until they notice unauthorized charges on their statements or a negative balance in their bank account.

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