Mansfield Highlights: 07/10/17 – 07/14/17

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by Home Page – July 15-16, 2017

It’s time once again to take a look at what happened the past week. The Weekly Highlights are a great way to catch up, but don’t forget that you can always watch the full stories from either our front page or the archives section.
Little League District Champs!
Wellsboro’s Little League Major All-Star team captured the Pennsylvania District 15 title with a 4-0 victory over Tunkhannock on Sunday, July 9th.
Head Coach Steve Adams was asked what is so special about this team. “We have eleven players on the team. Every one of them is good enough to start. We can’t start all of them but those kids stay as a team. They have really understood and grasped what it takes to be a teammate. I’m not sure I have been around a group that embodies that as much as these kids do.”
The Mountains Filled With Music!
This year’s concert series begins July 21st at Mansfield University under the direction and conduction of Peggy Dettwiler. Then on July 23rd, there’s a Percussion Bistro! On the 24th it’s Gypsy and Klezmer at the Rockwell Museum in Corning, NY. Then on July 25th, The Deane Center for the Performing Arts in Wellsboro welcomes the Endless Mountain Music Festival with an evening of Baroque to Classic Rock. And, this is just the beginning.
Decorating Decoded: The Perfect Paint
If you have decided to take on a painting project, you first have to decide what type of paint you will be using. You have a choice between oil based and latex based paints. Oil based is more durable which means it will hold up well on trim and doors. It also seals and covers stains better, however, the color can fade and turn yellow over time. The fumes can also be overwhelming and clean up requires chemicals like turpentine, making it less environmentally friendly. As a result, many retailers now only sell oil based paint by the quart.

Latex paint is easier to apply, has less odor, dries quickly, will not fade or yellow over time and is easy to clean up, thus making it more readily available.
Making Wind Chimes & Memories
On a warm summer afternoon, a small group of aspiring artists gathers at Cottage Glassworks, located just outside of Wellsboro, with Artist/Owner Kathleen Schnell to celebrate a birthday, make memories and engage in the process of creating individual glass wind chimes.

Kathleen’s studio is nestled into scenery that is, itself, a work of art—a picturesque farmhouse, beds of perennial flowers, meandering stone walls and walkways, graceful silver maple trees, a vegetable garden, and a small flock of friendly chickens. A light breeze stirs the leaves of the trees and the music of the gleaming glass chime hanging just outside the door of the studio delights the ears.
Dunham’s Corner – Goodbye Summer Bugs
On today’s Dunham’s Corner broadcast, Vice President of Merchandising Ann Dunham Rawson shows us the latest products for getting rid of summer pests.

First, Ann helps us stay cool and dry with a broad assortment of fans, dehumidifiers, and air conditioners.

Next, it’s PEST WARS! Ann has the right equipment to make sure we win and the bugs, mice, and deer lose. Ann educates us on products from SC Johnson, Stinger, Sierra, MosquitoDunks, ZBand, ZStickers, and more.

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