Movin’ Together 2018 – Break the Fast!

Put the right fuel in your body and start your day off right!

by Amiee Jones – March 28, 2018

How important is fuel? Sara and Johanna found out recently, during a gas station stop. After selecting the nozzle and beginning to fill the car’s tank, Johanna made the startling realization that she had mistakenly chosen diesel fuel! Not knowing exactly what to do, Sara took a moment to pray, then called her husband, John. His advice was to not start the car, and wait for a tow truck.

Thankfully, this honest mistake was fixed with minimal cost. However, Sara later found out that if she had started the car, the diesel fuel would have cause $17,000 worth of damage!

This whole scenario caused Sara to think. Choosing the correct fuel really makes a difference! Of course, correct fuel for our machines, but also for our bodies (living machines). And, choosing the wrong fuel (junk food) could result in poor health, high medical bills, and even death.

In choosing healthy fuel, it is important to know that all food is comprised of three macronutrients: Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fats. Obviously, the key is choosing whole and healthy options of these three categories. And, of these three, carbohydrates are the preferred source of fuel for the body.

These macronutrients are important to consume throughout the day, but this month we are focusing specifically on the importance of breakfast. Breakfast is a sort of unsung hero for overall health. This first meal of the day is often and easily neglected. However, the National Weight Loss Registry, (with over 10,000 members), reports that 78 % of those who have maintained their weight loss for over a year, eat breakfast every morning. Research also suggests that breakfast eaters not only weigh less, but also suffer from fewer chronic diseases than non-breakfast eaters. Eating breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism, fueling your body to burn more calories throughout the day!

Of course, we must keep our fueling-fiasco metaphor in mind, and choose breakfast foods wisely. Healthy carbs for breakfast could include fresh fruit with your yogurt, whole grain toast with your eggs, or steel cut oatmeal. A couple of healthy fat options would be natural peanut or almond butter on your apple, or cooking your eggs in coconut oil. That almond butter, along with the eggs, is going to give you some great protein. Greek yogurt is another great protein option for breakfast.

These are just a few simple substitutes and changes that can be made to your morning routine that your body will thank you for! Adding a healthy breakfast to your day takes intentionality and dedication, but the results and benefits are undeniable. Remember, choosing the correct fuel is a life-changing decision!

We will be giving away three Easter breakfast gifts! (Two via Facebook one via e-mail) Answer the following question: Food is composed of three macronutrients:
Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat.  Which one is the body’s preferred energy source?  Be the first one to e-mail us at The gifts are: Movin’ Together spoons, two gift certificates to the Penn Wells Brunch and an Easter plant from Akikos.  

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Writing: Amiee Jones
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