Movin’ Together – The Tool of Time

Giving the gift of your time may make all the difference

by Amiee Jones – December 22, 2017

During this season of giving, we reflect on a new tool for our Movin’ Together Healthy Tool Basket: the tool of Time. The subject of Time is discussed often, as it affects all of us. But, as Zig Ziglar states, “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have 24 hour days.” This brutally honest reminder points us in the direction of focusing on the value of our given time, and how we spend it.

As we navigate the coming festive days, we should remember that one of the most meaningful gifts we could ever give is the gift of our time! Home Page correspondents Lauren Gooch, Johanna Vogt, and Julianna Vogt recently gave this significant gift by visiting the Shared Home, playing music, visiting with residents, and sharing homemade cookies. The director of the Shared Home, Barbara Cleveland expressed how much the residents love visits. She encourages others to consider stopping in, saying “You get back so much more than you give. Every time you visit here you will be amazed when you go home, the wonderful feelings you have.”

Julianna spoke with Mary Lou Carpenter, a 92 year old woman living at the Shared Home. Mary Lou reminisced about a favorite Christmas memory with her family in years passed. She shared about her family gathering over a game of Jenga during the last Christmas she was able to share with her youngest daughter (Susan Brocious), who later died as a result of cancer. This bittersweet memory is a perfect example of how the holiday season can bring conflicting emotions. For many, this time of year can bring anxiety and depression, leading to a strong desire to isolate even further. In light of this fact, the idea of giving our time to one another becomes even more pertinent.

Spending some quality time with a friend, acquaintance or loved one may make all the difference this Christmas. Facebook, texting and email are all convenient and valuable forms of correspondence, but nothing takes the place of a good, old-fashion visit. Is there someone that comes to your mind? Someone that may need some company or encouragement this time of year? Giving the gift of your quality time may make all the difference for them this Christmas!

Next year on Movin’ Together: Tyranny of the Urgent, Making Sense of Your Schedule. We’ll get the New Year started right, with the importance of having a guide and goals for our time.

Until then, have a blessed and merry Christmas, and a very happy New Year!

Idea/Concept: Sara Vogt
Videography: Kaitlyn Callahan
Video Editing: Kaitlyn Callahan
Writing: Amiee Jones
Anchor: Sara Vogt, Amiee Jones
Correspondent: Lauren Gooch, Julianna Vogt
Additional Home Page Staff: Johanna Vogt

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