On the Radar – Back to School Safety

Safety precautions for drivers and traveling students

by Trooper Bieber – August 21, 2018

As schools head back in session, both drivers and students need to reacquaint themselves with traveling safe to and from school.
For drivers on the roadways:
If you are dropping off/picking up students at school, be sure to follow your school district’s specific procedures
Watch out for children that may dart in between cars and run in parking lots
Please don’t block crosswalks if you are stopped for a red light or other traffic
Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and look out for crossing guards attempting to stop traffic
Never pass a school bus that is stopped to load/unload students
If a highway is NOT divided by a barrier, traffic in both directions must stop for a bus that has it’s lights activated and stop arm extended
The area around a bus is the most dangerous – allow plenty of room and expect the unexpected
Many kids ride their bicycles to school. They can sometimes be hard to see and not as familiar with vehicular travel, so be extra vigilant

For students traveling to/from school:
While waiting for the bus, stay back away from the road or curb
Follow the rules set by the bus driver and don’t be a distraction
When exiting the bus, look both ways and move away from the bus
If you’re walking to school, use the sidewalk, or walk AGAINST traffic if there is no sidewalk
Use crosswalks to cross the roadway and no horseplay when near traffic
If you ride a bike to school, know the traffic rules and signs
Bicycles should ride in the SAME direction as traffic and you should always wear a helmet
Never use electronics while riding your bicycle

Have a safe start to your new school year!

Idea/Concept: Trooper Bieber
Videography: Ethan Chabala
Video Editing: Ethan Chabala
Writing: Trooper Bieber

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