Sacrament of Receiving

Any gift another gives us should be viewed with such reverence

by Derrel Emmerson

I have a knit hat that my mother made for me about thirty years ago. I still wear it on cold winter days even though it is not the best looking hat in the closet. I wear it because my mother made it. In those knitted and knotted threads there is captured a bit of my mother’s own life energy. It is a product of her design. It is a product of her skill. It is a gift given to me from her heart. When I wear it I honor her through that gift. I remember her love that is still palpable through that hat.

Any gift another gives us should be viewed with such reverence. We should note that thoughtfulness, generosity, skill, energy were all infused into that gift. It is almost sacramental to share another person’s life in this fashion whether it is in gifts or in food from their table. Ancient people understood this. Some cultures still do. It is a way we can respect others today. When we receive from them let us see it receiving a bit of their life in whatever gift they give us. It will make life more sacramental.

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