Are you growing or just staying pretty much the same?

by Derrel Emmerson

1. Are you learning new things from the Bible regularly? When did you get that las fresh insight from the Bible that excited you?

2. What books have you read during the last year? Were they merely practical or did they give you new ideas upon which to reflect?

3. Where have you experienced creativity…the inspiration of getting new insights…doing new things…had a new idea?

4. What new disciplines have you explored in the last year? Are your explorations broad? Do you only explore things which have immediate value to you or do you explore areas which stretch you to learn new language, gain new understanding, and speak a new language.

5. Do your conversations focus upon learning from others? Do you engage monologues or dialogues? What have you learned from someone else in the last week?

6. What new skills have you learned in the last 3-5 years? Have those skills stretched you to excel in what comes easy or what comes with difficulty?

7. How much time do you spend meditating in your quiet times? Do you have quiet times? Do you have flashes of insight while you are busy with other tasks? Do you cultivate a serene and quiet spirit?

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