Trick-Or-Treat Safety with Mayor Mike

Mayor Mike Detwiler encourages safety for candy collectors

by Amiee Jones – October 25, 2018

In the coming week, many of us are preparing for the trick-or-treat tradition. Mansfield offers some options to that end, and Mayor Mike Detwiler shared those options with us, as well as some safety measures that are good to keep in mind during the festivities. This can be a fun activity with family and friends, but it’s always good to keep safety in mind.

A good place to start in the topic of trick-or-treating safety is the simple act of walking. With a lot of distractions and excitement, it’s easy to have an accident. Some useful tips include: stick to the sidewalks, where snug fitting costumes to decrease tripping, opt for face paint rather than masks for the same reason, and keep cell phone use to a minimum. All of these pointers will help raise your ability to focus and be aware of your surroundings. Also, because this is a nighttime activity, light colored costumes are ideal, and there will be glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces available in Smyth Park from 5-6pm. These will also help to ensure walking safety.

Some other behavioral points include not entering the home or vehicle of any strangers. Also, remember to respect others, and their property. Vandalism of any kind is as highly discouraged on this occasion as any other. One additional great topic that Mayor Detwiler brought up was that of pets. “It’s not funny to scare people’s dogs. If you do that…it’s possible that someone might get hurt. So, it’s not funny, animals don’t understand Halloween.” While having fun during this time, keep in mind to treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Just a few extra things for parents to think about during this time would be the age/maturity level of your child. Are they old enough to go out on their own? Mayor Detwiler used the age of 12 as a standard guideline; however, it is up to the parents to determine if their child will handle the experience well. For those too young, parents are encouraged to accompany them, and all kids (at any age) are advised to walk in groups. Lastly, it would be wise to check over your children’s candy at the end of the night. For the most part, this is a non-issue, but a broken seal could indicate tampering and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

When it’s all said and done, this is a night for fun, and the town of Mansfield offers plenty of opportunity to enjoy it. First, at Smyth Park from 5-6pm the Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Trunk-or-Treat. This will be a time where the local businesses give back, and offer candy to those who come. Also, the Police Department will be providing glow in the dark bracelets/necklaces during this time. Then, the town Trick-or-Treating will take place from 6-8pm. All of this is happening, of course, on October 31st. Have fun, and be safe!

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